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Settlement Financing

Earn upto 12% Returns

 Earn upto 12% p.a fixed returns by investing in working capital loans backed by receivables from banks

100% Transparency

  • Digitally Track your investments and invest/withdraw at the click of the button

Minimal Risk

  • Investment in settlement period of the digital transaction i.e. the time when the customer makes a purchase to the time merchant realized funds from banks

  • Investor only has limited exposure on one borrower. Each investor in the pool will have equal exposure to all borrowers

High Safety

As the money is lent against receivables from banks , risk is negligible

High Returns

  • Earn upto 12% p.a fixed returns which is more than 2x of fixed deposits, and several Debt Mf categories

Easy Liquidity

  • Can withdraw entire investment any time after short lockin of 3 months

Fast Growing Investment platform

  • More than Rs. 700 crores already invested on the partner platform


Settlement Financing

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The best part about investing with Indirgrow Capital is the advisory that we get from their financial experts, they curate the perfect plan for you

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I was completely new to the world of alternative investments, Indigrow team has helped me choose the right options and I am happy with my returns



The team works for hands-on with the investors in identifying the perfect investment options to reach your goals. I am very happy with the yields I have got over last 2 years with them


Indigrow Capital is a one stop solution for all your financial needs. It is an advisory firm dedicated to providing clients with objective, thoughtful investment and financial guidance. We believe in investing our clients money where we would invest our own.

Indigrow Capital

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