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Worried about markets going up and down, want stable investment options? Read this...

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

With the market rallying in the past one and half years, most of the equity investors would have seen their equity portfolio swell and the asset allocation is significantly biased towards equity. As history suggests after a period of strong rally, markets are expected to give correction/ remain range-bound for coming years.

So Why not use this opportunity to lock your current gains or invest fresh money in new-age investment options which are expected to give stable fixed returns. These investment options carry low risk and provide ~1.5-2x returns compared to traditional fixed deposits. With diversification across multiple such investment options, you will earn handsome returns and also get the option to liquidate when required. Here are the brief details of such options

Prime Retail Debt Investment:

Invest in an RBI regulated & CRISIL assessed new asset class & earn up to 10% for investments with minimum risk, high returns which provide lending exposure to High Credit Bureau Rated, Largely Salaried Retail Borrowers wanting small short term loans majorly towards education & healthcare.

The investment is made in a highly diversified portfolio of retail loans which are given to strong customer credit profiles (High Credit Score) and are majorly zero cost EMI loans. These investment options also provide liquidity benefits wherein investors can withdraw their investments anytime

Invoice Discounting of Bluechip Companies

Invest in invoices of blue-chip companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, Coca-Cola, Aditya Birla Group, Tata Steel and many more such names.

Earn Lucrative Returns in the range of 10.5%- 12% annualized for short term tenors between 50-100 days and avail options of redeeming your investment before the maturity

Investment in Assets Leased to Corporates

“Small Investments Big Returns”

Earn attractive returns of up to 12% IRR post tax by investing in physical assets such as - furniture, electric vehicles, solar power projects, Storage devices, IT equipment, drones & many more which are leased to corporates. Globally businesses are moving towards asset light model and that provides opportunity to earn great returns from being asset owners

Invest as low as Rs. 20000 and get regular monthly payouts. More than Rs. 100 Crores already invested

Settlement Financing

Invest in lending money against merchant’s receivables from banks.

When a customer makes a digital payment to a merchant on purchase of goods or services, banks usually settle the transaction with the merchant within 2 days, however, this may hamper the working capital of the merchant which is then solved by extending credit to these merchants on the same day of the transaction, this happens on a revolving basis and investors earn a return of up to 11% p.a

Since the customer has already paid money and the amount has to come from the bank, credit risk is almost zero

There are other similar options where one can invest and earn handsome returns along with the benefit of diversification. These options help in building a stable portfolio that is not dependent on markets and is ideal for all classes of investors



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